R&S offers a variety of services as well as print and photocopier support options for all of our customers.
  • ↠ R&S is proud to offer superior repair and maintenance after sales services and technical suport for all brands and all models
  • ↠ Have an Office Photocopier, Multifunctional Copier or any office Laser Printer and /or Inkjet Printers ? Need a new maintenance contract or service agreement? Trusted and reliable, R&S can help.
  • ↠ Our service starts before you even purchase, with a complete and comprehensive audit of your current print and copy solutions and your business needs. Once the audit has been completed and the most appropriate print hardware and corresponding software package has been established, we can help you manage your print process with ongoing service and support.
  • ↠ We can also provide remote support using screen sharing software like Team Viewer.

Print System Installation and Photocopier Support

We employ fully qualified technicians who install all of the printers and photocopiers we supply. While onsite they also ensure that your products work seamlessly with every desktop and device in your network. Our technicians also provide full training for your staff so they can use the new systems with confidence. R&S service to our clients also includes quarterly preventive maintenance. Our technicians are professional, courteous and understand that our clients’ needs are imperative. All urgent printer repairs and photocopier support requests are responded to within 4 hours of initial contact.

We are one of India’s leading printer consumables and managed print services companies. We have built our reputation across Bangalore and through our customers across india by helping local businesses and corporations, whether small, medium or large, with maintaining and repairing their office laser printers and inkjet printers, multi-functional copiers, printers, fax machines, scanners and photocopiers. No matter what the issue, R&S are experts when it comes to the maintenance and repair of all manner of office hardware.

R&S partners with many of the most experienced firms offering office equipment finance. From short-term or three-month rental agreements to long-term 72-month agreements, we offer a range of finance options that can be tailored to fit your financial needs.

Lending to New Businesses

R&S provides finance for small and start up businesses. Our Smart Rental finance gives customers in the infancy of their business the opportunity to have state of the art equipment on a short-term basis without having to use a lease. Contact us for more details.

Multi-functional Printer and Copier Maintenance and Service Contracts

Compare R&S SERVICE CONTRACTS and SUPPORT SERVICE OPTION with anyone else’s and its easy to choose R&S as your preferred partner ….

We have a range of flexible copier maintenance agreements, covering everything from on-site emergency repairs and annual maintenance reviews to cost per copy contract agreements apart from Managed Print Services Contracts. We are happy to help you find the maintenance contract that best suits your business. All quotes are provided to you in writing and we can also provide quick and easy quotes over the phone. R&S is based in Bangalore and can easily arrange a face to face meeting with local businesses if required and is willing to meet customers across the table in other cities if required and deemed necessary . Call us today for your free copier or printer maintenance quote.

R&S offer a peerless service to its customers across Bangalore and other cities R&S offers a number of different service packages available. From agreements that cover emergency repairs at your office and annual machine maintenance, to agreements that are priced on a cost per copy basis or specially for out of warranty machines, R&S will offer advice and guidance to businesses of all sizes so you can confidently choose the servicing contract that best suits your budget and the needs of your company. We are happy to provide written quotations, arrange meetings in person or to discuss quotes over the phone. R&S prides itself on offering a service that is second to none. Call us today for your free copier or printer maintenance quote.

1 .Annual Service Contract ASC for Printers, Copiers & Multifunction

With cost-effective ASC contracts, we help your business grow. We take ownership of your printer-related issues while you focus on what your business does best. We give ASCs as a component of the items we offer and likewise as a stand-alone service.

You can choose from our two sorts of Yearly Service Support Contracts (ASC) to be assured of timely service free of any printer-related issues for good!

Option 1: Comprehensive ASC

  • ↠ Includes replacement of faulty printer parts at no extra cost. This saves additional investment in a new printer.
  • ↠ Includes free repairs
  • ↠ Excludes maintenance kit and consumables.

Option 2: Non-comprehensive ASC

  • ↠ Includes regular maintenance and free repairs. complete cleaning and servicing of printers
  • ↠ Includes free repairs

On Demand Repair Service for Printers /copiers /mfd

Whenever any Printers /copiers /mfd breaksdown in your office we can offer you a On Demand Repair Service on a per call basis for prompt professional response from experienced service engineer.

  • ↠ Service response time will be usually within 4 hours after request for service logged into our central SERVICE Contact centre plus travel time the engineer will advice you when reporting that he is on way to service your printer /copier/mfd
  • ↠ Service charges will be Rs 500 per call per printer (new costing upto Rs 50000) , Rs 1000 per call per printer (new costing upto Rs 200,000) and Rs 2000 for higher cost equipment.
  • ↠ Services are provided six days a week Monday thru Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm . Closed on local bank holidays too.
  • ↠ URGENT PRIORITY CALLS will be optional at Double service call charges for responses 7 days a week and from 8 am to 10 pm .
  • ↠ Spare parts and materials required will be charged extra after providing you a quotation for the parts required to fix the printer and make it operational at earliest possible usually within 2 working days.
  • ↠ This cost will usually be at prices approx 25% less than that offered by the OEM and part will be guaranteed for lower period of these two criteria one of which is a) one year after replacement or b) its stated OEM equivalent life as applicable
  • ↠ Intelligent Re-Engineering® approach
  • ↠ SCS Technology®
  • ↠ Advanced Color Technologies®
  • ↠ 99.6% Success Rate
  • ↠ Patented Technology
  • ↠ R&D and QC Methodologies